Polysorbate 80


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  1. Published on 17 Mar 2016

    Jul 29, 2016: BEWARE OF THIS DEADLY CHEMICAL IN FOOD! I am still having reoccurring attacks as this toxic deadly chemical comes out of my fat cells & causes an attack! POLYSORBATE 80 IS DEADLY & CAN KILL YOU! GOPR0192 I suddenly March 1st was semi-catatonic 3 days & went into convulsions if I ate. This video is about what happened, what caused it & what I did to reverse it. Polysorbate 80 is insidiously deadly & can be found in just about everything, especially ice cream & dairy. Beware, children are the most vulnerable victims, not just people with allergies or like me. My official website: http://www.okra-diet4all.com free self-supporting nonprofit.


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